运行开始 allows academically eligible high 学校 juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit while fulfilling high 学校 graduation requirements. 学生 may enroll in both high 学校 and college classes or solely in college classes. 


运行开始 gives high 学校 students the opportunity to take college level courses 作为他们高中教育的一部分. 学生在高中和大学都有收入 college credit for all courses that they complete, tuition FREE! 学生可以选择 每季度只上一节课或全日制学习. 

  • 学生可以获得AA/DTA(艺术副学士学位) & 理学)转学学位.
  • 获得最多两年的免学费大学课程.
  • 学习各种高中没有开设的课程.
  • 参加高级课程.
  • 过渡到一个更独立的学习环境.  
  • 为未来的职业和教育机会做好准备. 


  • 在高中有初级或高级的地位
  • 他被华盛顿州的一所公立高中录取
  • Test or place into college-level reading, English or math to qualify

A student will need to test and place into college-level reading, English or Math 为了获得参赛资格. 学生可以参加网赌正规真人实体在线平台的在线定向自我定位 或提供:

  • 更聪明的平衡评估联盟(SBAC)分数
  • 正式的大学成绩单
  • 官方AP成绩
  • 非正式高中成绩单(仅限数学)
  • 非官方SAT/ACT成绩(仅限数学)

是的! However, you must enroll in a public high 学校 and be considered a junior or 高中的高年级学生. 你不必去公立高中上课 in order to participate in 运行开始, but you must have an Enrollment Verification Form signed by the appropriate 高中辅导员 each term.

The Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) is a form that is completed each quarter before registration by the student with the signature of their parent(s)/guardian and their 高中辅导员. 此表单的目的是跟踪的总数 credits in which the student is enrolled between their high 学校 and the college. Each term, the student is responsible for meeting with their 高中辅导员 填写及递交此表格. 

Note: 学生 will be unable to register for classes without a completed EVF. 

运行开始 students will need to meet with their 高中辅导员 to ensure they are taking classes that meet their high 学校 graduation requirements.

学生 may also meet with a Completion Coach at 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 to choose classes that go towards 他们的大学学历.

是的,运行开始的学生可以在夏季学期参加. 然而,它是依赖的 关于他们的地位. 

A new 运行开始 student that chooses to start summer quarter, is eligible to enroll 最多10个学分. 

A continuing 运行开始 student can attend summer quarter if they have not met 1.4 FTE. The student should meet with their 高中辅导员 to submit a 暑期入学验证表(EVF).

A graduating high 学校 senior can attend summer quarter if they are 15 credits or 获得副学士学位会减少. 

运行开始 students are responsible for quarterly fees and books. 运行开始 students will also be responsible for paying tuition and fees for any credits they take that is over the specified amount on their Enrollment Verification Form. 

Fees can be waived if the student is eligible for free or reduced lunch at the high 并提交他们的资格信或参加一个 社区资格规定(CEP)高中.  

运行开始 does not cover tuition or fees for below college level courses. 如果一个 student decides to take a below college level course (anything below 100) they will 负责该课程的学杂费.

  • 包括所有大学水平课程的学杂费
  • Covers tuition and fees for any credits a student takes above their approved amount of credits that is specified on their Enrollment Verification Form
  • 使学生有资格获得图书援助计划

学生 有资格获得基于需求的费用减免 if one of the following applies to 他们:

  • 学生 shall be considered low income and eligible for a fee waiver upon proof the student is currently qualified to receive free or reduced-price lunch at their high 学校
  • 学生 who attend a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) 学校 that provides free 给全校送午餐
  • 学生 who have spent at least one year in the Washington State Foster Care system 自13岁起也有资格获得学费减免

如果一个 student qualifies for the need-based fee waiver they must supply a copy of their K-12 subsidized Food Program Eligibility letter to the 运行开始 department via 电子邮件.

就读于 CEP高中 will not need to submit a Food Program Eligibility letter, the need-based fee waiver 会自动应用到他们的账户吗.

The 运行开始 Book Assistance program loans books each quarter to students who 有资格获得基于需求的费用减免. 学生必须每季度保持一次 累积平均绩点2.0或更高才能参加该计划. 学生 will also need to return their books at the end of the quarter to continue to be eligible. 

请求申请电子邮件 runningstartFREECOLUMBIA_BASIN

运行开始 students are not eligible for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).

但是,如果学生需要经济援助,电子邮件 runningstartFREECOLUMBIA_BASIN.

The Family 教育al Rights and 隐私 Act (FERPA) governs and protects your rights 你的个人教育记录. FERPA保护的主要权利是 学生的权利:

  • 审查、检查其教育记录;
  • 对教育记录进行修改或者更正;
  • Control disclosure of certain portions of their educational records.

According to FERPA, college students are considered responsible adults and are allowed 以确定谁将收到有关他们的信息. 家长们可以理解 have an interest in their student’s academic progress, they aren’t automatically granted access to a student’s educational records without the students written consent.

We encourage parents to consult with their student if they need their academic information. A student may give anyone permission to access their records by filing a 信息发布表(ROI).




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